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A crucial part of any insurance company’s professional team is the underwriter. These are some of the best jobs in the USA, and the Network has the vast majority of all underwriting job postings. Find commercial or personal line, as well as health and medical underwriting jobs using our niche underwriting search engine. With us, you can find underwriting jobs in all lines of insurance including workers compensation, professional liability, excess, surplus, retro, property insurance and business liability.

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Insurance underwriters are essential to insurance companies. The make the decision on what insurance their company can provide, and under what terms and cost.  Underwriters are very good at evaluating risk using formulas and information provided by their actuaries, product development teams and financial data. It is inevitable that loss is going to happen at insurance companies and it is the underwriter’s job on the front end to make sure the policy is written in a way that is a win for both the company and insured.

Any underwriter jobseeker should know about one trend that is continuing to evolve: the elimination of personal lines and small business policy underwriters. Many companies have gone to automated policies that never require an actual underwriter. But real people are always needed, because computers – thus far – can’t offer the context that a living, breathing human can.

These days, most underwriting jobs reside at large insurance companies and cover many lines of business.  A four year degree is required and the typical salary is $62,870. For more information, read Underwriting as a Career


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