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Sales is the backbone of any industry, and holds true with insurance. There are B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business) sales jobs, providing the insurance plans people and businesses purchase to protect themselves and their property.  Find these by searching for jobs from insurance carriers, agencies, brokers, third party administrators, managing general agencies, ancillary insurance companies and direct writers.

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Insurance Sales Jobs as a Career Path

Almost half a million people sell insurance for a living. These insurance sales jobs come in all sizes and shapes. If you sell personal lines insurance, your job typically deals with selling auto, home owners, boat, life and health insurance. If you sell commercial insurance, you usually work for an insurance broker and and sell insurance products to large companies and businesses to cover all of their potential risks and liabilities.

Compensation for insurance sales professionals also varies greatly. Some insurance sales jobs are commission only. You get paid good – sometimes great! – commissions for selling products like life and medical insurance, but you may not get a base salary. If you sell commercial insurance, a broker may pay you a good salary, but you are still measured on revenue production.

The reason many top income earners are insurance sales professionals is they all have the ability to “build” books of business that in many cases need to renew each year.  As long as the customer is serviced and happy, each year the book of business builds and along with it the income of the insurance sales professional.

More information for insurance sales professionals is here: BLS- Career Information for Insurance Sales Jobs and Careers


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