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No one wants to experience loss to the bottom line, especially in today’s economy where every penny counts. Loss control jobs at are posted by insurance companies. Insurance carriers typically hire property and casualty loss control representatives or safety engineers. Governments also look to hire in this sector and their positions are posted as occupational health and safety specialists (OSHA). Many insurance carriers and consulting firms hire premium auditors who are the loss control “eyes” for the financial side of the business; especially analyzing workers compensation and payrolls.  

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A Loss Control Job as a Career

Be the eyes and ears of the underwriting department! Loss Control insurance jobs are some of the best jobs in the insurance industry. Expertise in this area is essential because loss control representatives evaluate workplaces for safety hazards and potential health risks. Typically, there are two types of loss control professionals at each insurance company: safety and survey. 

Safety loss control representatives will make sure their insured companies are following all the safety standards set in the policy. They will hold driving classes, safety classes and do inspections of the insured’s facility.

Survey loss control representatives have a more engineering background. They will analyze air quality, fire and safety systems, as well as plant layouts. High priority risk loss control specialists (HPR) are high level property loss control specialists that handle very complex exposures like entities in the oil and gas industry.

Also included in the loss control sector are boiler and machinery inspectors.  These are some of the more dangerous jobs in the insurance industry. 

The mean average salary in for loss control professionals is $66,790 per year.  HPR specialists can average about $115,000 per year. Loss control jobs can be found in the property casualty and life and health insurance industry. Want more detailed loss control information? Visit the BLS site:  BLS- Loss Control Job as a Career Information


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