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Fire Investigative Intern

Hartford, Connecticut

Company Summary

Taking care of our customers, our communities and each other. That's the Travelers Promise. By honoring this commitment, we have maintained our reputation as one of the best property casualty insurers in the industry for over 160 years. Join us to discover a culture that is rooted in innovation and thrives on collaboration. Imagine loving what you do and where you do it.

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Job Description Summary

Under close supervision, the Travelers Fire Investigative Internship Program provides qualified students with an excellent opportunity to gain industry knowledge, receive valuable on-the-job training, and learn about the Fire Investigative professions available at Travelers. Interns receive challenging work assignments that add value and impact the organization, to include: (1) Investigating low value, low complexity fires generally involving occupational risks, (such as burns, cuts, nausea from exposure to fumes, or back injury sustained while moving or assisting in the moving or lifting of equipment or material) (2) Working in an assigned area as an intern, and partnering with a Fire Investigator on issues of origin and cause fire investigations, subrogation, arson motive, and opportunity investigations (3) Completing internship program including 150 hours of fire scene investigations.

Approximate work availability is from June through August (10-12 weeks). Intern is expected to work a flexible work schedule, to include additional daily or weekly work hours; occasional weekends; overnight travel and multiple day deployments, which may be on short-notice. The position requires travel for periods of 3-5 consecutive days. Requires working in adverse conditions such as a post fire, explosion and catastrophic event sites, as well as adverse weather. This job does not manage staff.

Primary Job Duties & Responsibilities

  • Internship includes but not limited to:
  • Works directly with senior fire investigative staff on fire scenes.
  • On-boarding of Travelers systems and protocols.
  • Participates in the mentoring program.
  • Primary Duties.
  • Observes the development of action plans and investigates the origin and cause of low levels, less complex fires and explosions investigations.
  • Develops knowledge of general fire scene safety and potential hazards during investigations.
  • Applies the techniques of critical thinking to dismantle complex problems and reasoning through to its logical conclusion utilizing the scientific method as outlined in NFPA921.
  • Collects, identifies and safeguards all evidence necessary to the determination of an origin and cause fire claim, will also maintain a chain of custody of all collected evidence.
  • Develops knowledge of Local, State and Federal statutes to ensure investigations are carried out within the requirements of applicable laws and applicable theories of fraud.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

  • High School Diploma or GED required.
  • Demonstrates a basic knowledge of NFPA 921 and NFPA 1033 guidelines/ standards and knowledge of rules of evidence, procedural law and other protocols and regulations governing this discipline required.
  • Valid drivers license - required.

Education, Work Experience, & Knowledge

  • Bachelors or Masters Degree in Fire Investigation - currently pursuing, enrolled, or graduate.

Job Specific Technical Skills & Competencies

  • Analytical and problem solving skills to use and interpret information and facts which may require refining and improving existing methods of analysis; ability to use abstract reasoning - Basic
  • Communication skills necessary to communicate opinions and findings - Basic
  • Proficient computer skills required - Intermediate
  • Knowledge of leadership and coaching skills - Basic
  • Apply critical thinking techniques to investigation review - Basic
  • Analytical capabilities - Basic
  • Must take ownership/initiative; significant planning and goal setting skills required - Basic
  • Must be a self-motivated individual -Intermediate
  • Works well independently or in a remote team environment - Basic
  • Adapting to changes in process and shifting priorities - Intermediate

Environmental / Work Schedules / Other

  • Operates standard office equipment - Occasionally
  • Sitting (can stand at will) - Occasionally
  • Standing - Frequently
  • Lifting items up to 50 pounds - Continuously
  • Climbing unprotected heights (ladder, rooftop, stairs, loading dock) - Occasionally
  • Use of Keyboards, Sporadic 10-Key - Occasionally
  • Working in a confined or restricted area - Occasionally
  • Driving - Frequently
  • Other: Must be able to carry, set up and climb a ladder weighing approximately 40-45 pounds with a safety weight rating of up to 300 pounds (safety weight rating is the amount of weight the ladder can safely carry and includes weight of the individual and up to 16 pounds of standard Equipment).
  • Must be able to climb ladders and stairs and transition to and from ladders or stairs in order to access building roof areas and upper or lower floors within a customer site.
  • Have the ability to navigate through customer sites in a safe manner, which may include manufacturing areas, warehouses, storage yards, construction sites, etc. which may present surfaces that are uneven, wet, icy, and somewhat unstable or covered with debris.
  • Be capable of moving / lifting heavy objects usually weighing around 45 pounds, but could weigh up to 60 pounds.
  • Have the ability to navigate within a customer facility in low light or relatively dark conditions.
  • Be capable of making regular and prompt travel over extended distances by air or vehicle while demonstrating effective planning, expense and cost control skills
  • Must be able to work under exposure to extreme outdoor/indoor conditions (heat, now, cold, rain, etc.)

Employment Practices

Travelers is an equal opportunity employer. We value the unique abilities and talents each individual brings to our organization and recognize that we benefit in numerous ways from our differences. 

If you are a candidate and have specific questions regarding the physical requirements of this role, please send us an email so we may assist you.

Travelers reserves the right to fill this position at a level above or below the level included in this posting.

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