Client Accounting Services Manager

Columbia, South Carolina (US)
Salary commensurates with experience.
Jun 20, 2018
Aug 19, 2018
Job Type
Full Time
Career Level

The Client Accounting Services Manager prepares/manages the STAT & GAAP Financial statements for Seibels’ customers.  He/she also prepares control sheets, reinsurance calculations, prepares and/or reviews IBNR calculations and records to general ledger.  The individuals will calculate and record contingent commission adjustments, profit sharing, and various journal entries such as surplus notes, ULAE, DAC, etc.  Reviews all statutory reconciliations and investment information recorded in the general ledger.  Prepares and/or reviews schedules F, P, and RBC for the annual statements.  Manages premium and municipal tax filings, FHCF/GEAR filings, state data calls, and other state required filings.  Reviews annual financial statements and manages the Financial accounting staff.

1. Staff Management:
• Recruits, trains, and motivates financial accounting team, provides leadership and coaching for associates to accomplish organizational, departmental, and individual goals and objectives. 
• Distributes and monitors work, evaluates individual and team performance, prepares performance evaluations, and identifies areas for improvement for employees and team. 
• Handles disciplinary measures as needed.

2. Program Management:
• Manages STAT & GAAP accounting functions to meet daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual deliverables.
• Provides assistance and documentation to customers, vendors, external auditors, employees, and managers as needed.

3. Analysis:
• Review all reinsurance calculations.
• Reviews all investment information that is recorded in the general ledger.
• Reviews all STAT & GAAP reconciliations.
• Reviews quarterly and annual financial statements. 
• Reviews information reported in the audited financial statements.
• Assists with testing of new products, new customers, and conversion of data. Help plan and provide supporting documentation for test projects when working with IT and data warehouse team.

4. Reporting:
• Prepares GAAP Consolidated Financial Statements to meet strict deadlines.
• Prepares and records control sheets to the general ledger.  Uses general ledger software to import/export data.
• Calculates and records various journal entries which include interest on surplus notes, ULAE, DAC, etc.  Posts all journal entries for the department.
• Prepares reinsurance exhibit for quarterly and annual financial statements.
• Prepares all reinsurance calculations, bordereaux, and bordereau summaries.
• Prepares and/or reviews IBNR calculation for all companies.  Confirms all direct and ceded paid loss and LAE, and direct and ceded reserve information.  Records to general ledger.
• Oversees quarterly and annual mail out which includes information to NAIC, various departments of insurances, and multiple agencies.  This also includes state forms.
• Manages premium and municipal tax filings and FHCF/GEAR filings.

Training, Education, Certifications, and Work Experience:
• CPA plus a minimum of 5 years of progressively responsible experience in statutory accounting; OR a comparable combination of education and work experience related to this position. 
• Familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within Accounting.
• Experience within the insurance industry and reinsurance experience required.
• Proficient with accounting software, specifically general ledger and annual statement software.
• Strong in Microsoft Office applications, particularly Excel, Word and Access.