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Agile/Scrum Coach


The Agile/Scrum Coach helps teams or individuals adopt and improve agile methods and practice working in Scrum. The Coach helps people rethink and change the way they go about development.

Agile/Scrum is a method in product management, specifically within software development. The Agile/Scrum Coach will lead teams of developers by helping them implement this new methodology. The goal of an Agile/Scrum Coach is to help improve teams of developers and overall project management by increasing collaboration, innovation, and introducing techniques that promote adaptability and flexibility in the face of unpredictable circumstances.


  • The Agile/Scrum Coach must educate employees at all levels, including senior, and at times clients, on agile principles, providing them with tools for implementing the process in their own work. They provide training sessions and teach valuable skills that lead toward the organization-wide adoption of agile methodologies in Scrum.
  • As a mentor, the Agile/Scrum coach is responsible for guiding teams into the agile methodology, providing employees with feedback and means of improvement, catalyzing organizational growth and answering questions. They provide hands on support to all employees, collaborating with people across widely varying levels and roles, leading teams toward further understanding and adoption of Agile/Scrum as well as overall company growth and improvement.
  • The Agile Coach will contribute in every stage of adoption, from the introduction of Agile/Scrum and employee education, to fostering teams and cultures in practice, to sustaining Agile/Scrum methodologies and continually offering strategies for improvement.
  • Agile Coach must use techniques that increase collaboration, predictability, transparency and promote a culture of experimentation and innovation. In order to do this, the Agile Coach must also embody the Agile/Scrum principles and lead by example.

  • Basic knowledge of software development processes and procedures.
  • Understands the fundamentals of iterative and incremental development.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and background with Agile/Scrum concepts.
  • Strong leader and advocate for the adoption of Agile/Scrum principles.
  • Assertive about adherence to Agile/Scrum processes and enthusiastic about Agile/Scrum practices and their benefits.
  • Possess great interpersonal skills, teaching abilities, and a capacity to inspire and motivate.
  • Prior experience coaching teams in Agile/Scrum adoption or as a Scrum Master a plus.


About AmTrust Financial Services


AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. was founded in 1998 to provide property and casualty insurance to small businesses. Through acquisitions and organic growth, AmTrust Financial Services has since grown to become a multinational property and casualty insurer specializing in coverage for small to mid-sized businesses. Our financial stability is based upon a philosophy of niche diversity with a focus on low-hazard risk.

Since its inception, AmTrust has crafted a balanced portfolio of insurance products including:

  • Multiline Small Business Insurance
  • Warranty and Specialty Risk Insurance
  • Specialty Program Business Insurance

In November 2006, the company became publicly traded on the NASDAQ Global Market under the symbol AFSI. With extensive underwriting experience and a prestigious "A" (Excellent) Financial Size "XI" rating from A.M. Best, AmTrust has earned a reputation as an innovative, technology driven provider of insurance products. Our commitment to excellence is the common thread connecting each of our businesses.