Senior Life Insurance Underwriting Consultant

Kansas City, Missouri
Mar 06, 2018
May 05, 2018
Job Type
Full Time

What’s it like to be a Senior Life Underwriting Consultant for a company with long history and stability?  A company highly thought of within the life insurance community. 

With this midsize company you get an opportunity to get involved with projects; wear new/many hats.

  • Accelerated UW program etc.
  • Partnership culture – from top down.
  • Partnership and collaborative culture extends to relationships with other Associates and producers.
  • Not a “sweat shop” environment – work/life balance appreciated.
  • Competitive salary including incentive bonus program and benefits package.

Will work with Chief Underwriter, home office personnel and reinsurance partners in product pricing activities involving underwriting guidelines, procedures, facultative case submissions.

Continually review application life cycle time and make recommendations for improvement.

This position works with the AVP/Chief Underwriter, Underwriting Department and Senior Management to identify, plan and develop processes/procedures to support departmental and corporate strategies.

Qualities, skills and experiences we seek:

  • Enjoys a collaborative culture.
  • Enjoys being accessible to the field force.
  • Seeking an environment without stressful production requirements.
  • 7+ years’ experience in a production underwriting environment demonstrating knowledge, capability and responsibilities commensurate with senior underwriter level.
  • 5+ years’ experience underwriting high face amount, medically substandard and other complex cases.
  • Experience in audit processes and project responsibilities.
  • Proven ability to work with New Business, Actuarial, and Marketing.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of medical terminology and physiology to make a risk assessment.
  • Able to interpret EKG results.
  • Good business judgment/risk assessment skills.
  • Capable of making informed, independent decisions.