Commercial Insurance Manager

Colorado Springs, Colorado
$100k plus benefits
Sep 25, 2017
Nov 10, 2017
Job Type
Full Time


As the Commercial Lines Manager, you get to be involved in every aspect of the agency’s operations: Sales, Client Engagement, Operations, Service and Technology.  What a great opportunity to make a huge difference in the company’s future growth!

Areas Where You Can Excel:

  1. Personnel Management. Mentor and guide employees. Recruit, train and develop new hires.  Arrange continuing education. Designate career pathing.
  2. Placement.  Help account managers set marketing plans, strategize on renewals and work out issues with underwriters.
  3. Service Delivery.  You won’t personally manage accounts, but you are responsible for making sure promises made to clients are kept.  This includes issues like workflows and de-escalating situations.
  4. Operations Liaison. The age old “hands in the cookie jar”. A host of projects impact the service team.  Examples- Technology (Agency Management Systems), Producers (communication, performance and teamwork) and Budget (using resources efficiently; getting more from what you’ve got). 

Agency Characteristics and Goals to Achieve: At the core of the Commercial Insurance Manager role is the ability to support multiple teams of account managers, marketers and specialists to ensure the insurance needs of clients are met in a timely and accurate manner. The agency is a large, regional firm with ambitious growth goals.  Your attention to detail, relationship development, team building, technology utilization and account retention helps the agency continue on its upward trajectory. Under your careful tutelage employees will grow deeper in their insurance knowledge, pursue career goals and grow the business through enhancements in cross selling and referrals.