Field Development Manager

Sacramento, CA
Oct 11, 2016
Dec 10, 2016
Job Type
Full Time
Career Level
Not Specified


This position is responsible for impacting bottom line sales results through training, coaching, and effective assimilation of new sales agents and first line supervisors as well as Greenfield markets.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Deliver established Agent and Territory Manager training program within assigned geographic region.  Includes needs assessment, facilitation, tracking, and coordination of appropriate participation.  Ensure the standards of the program are embedded and consistent.
  • Offer input to content development and create facilitator guidelines when needed for all relative sales training programs.
  • Facilitate training for new products, process changes, and compliance related topics.
  • Partner with sales management to facilitate Agent to TL/TM promotion process.  Identification of talent, assessment of competency development, development of progression plan, and mentoring of new TLs/TMs.
  • Assist with Greenfield development by partnering with a TM or MD to recruit, train, and develop.  This may include recruiting and interviewing candidates, training Agents in the field, training new TM or MD in regards to activity management and sales best practices.
  • Facilitate field section of New Agent Development Program.  Coordinate training sessions per program schedule, attend periodically to monitor quality and participation, seek feedback from participants and circulate recommendations back to COE.  Prepare MDs and TMs to assist with virtual training facilitation, coach them to ensure standards of the program are acknowledged and adhered to. 
  • Monitor “At-Risk Agents” - assess trends and make recommendations to MDs and RDs/DMs in regards to training needs. Reach out to Agents at risk to assess issues and impact on ATO and facilitate field training as needed.

Measures of Success:

  • Quality of Facilitation and training programs
    • Program completion rates (pre-class, virtual, post sales school, CDP etc.)
    • Post program follow through success
    • Subjective, feedback from COE and manager
    • Quality of content design and development
      • Subjective, feedback from COE and manager
      • New Agent Success (for assigned markets at 4, 13, and 26 weeks)
        • Blueprint Success Scores
        • ATO improvement
        • Average APV improvement
        • Success of newly promoted TMs
          • Successful graduation of TLs to TMs: establish a %, i.e. 80% of TLs are promoted to TM
          • 90 day metrics- recruiting, APV, infield, other?
          • Greenfield Success
            • Successful training of new TMs and MDs
            • At-Risk Agents accepted level is stable