Disability Case Manager

Feura Bush, New York
Competitive base salary
Aug 29, 2016
Oct 28, 2016
Job Type
Full Time

Disability Case Manager
Goal of Position: Fulfill on site or regional disability case management function for OC. (Management of STD, LTD and Workers Compensation).

Basic Function:  Provide Disability Management services to the OC - specific locations .These services include insuring communications, coordination of benefits at the onset of disability.  These must occur on a timely basis; that employees will receive adequate and timely support to assure quality diagnoses and treatment plans; employee conformance with treatment plans; satisfactory rate of recovery; and return to work on undefined or accommodated duty as therapeutically indicated.

Secure physician back up and consultation as needed to ensure all judgments are medically sound.  Handles administrative tasks for disability compensation and company procedures. Coordinate and implement medical case management process by working as an intermediary between injured/ill employee, plant management, Human resources, TPA, attorneys, physicians, and other medical personnel to ensure cost effective healthcare services and a medically rehabilitated individual who is ready to return to work. 

Know How: 
•    Ability to communicate with employees and supervisors.
•    Ability to form and maintain working relationships with OC and community physicians.
•    Working knowledge of Medicare, SSDI, rehabilitation, disability, medical and workers’ compensation benefits. 
•    Formal knowledge of medicine/rehabilitation as manifested by a degree as a rehabilitation counselor/and- or Registered Nurse, Occupational Health Nurse Certification, Certified Rehabilitation Nurse, Certified Case Manager.
•    Ability to create and follow administration, communication and information systems, computer literacy.

Problem Solving:  Correct clinical decisions within limits of training and experience.  
Ability to involve and correctly use clinicians judgments outside limits of training and experience.
Recognize deviations from adequate clinical quality and utilize resources to develop adequate plan for correcting quality.