Subrogation Quality Analyst

Nationwide (this is a remote, work-from-home opportunity)
Salary is $50,000 with opportunity for annual bonus. Benefits and paid time off at 90 days
Aug 19, 2016
Oct 18, 2016
Job Type
Full Time

Position Summary:  This is a remote position working from home. The Quality Analyst is responsible for monitoring and supporting the subrogation process of the Company.  The primary function is to ensure quality and compliance in the processing of claims for recovery by providing a high level of experience, expertise and knowledge of subrogation.

Technical/Functional Responsibilities

  • Subrogation Process – Advisor to the subrogation specialists by assisting to expedite the resolution to complex claims with subrogation potential over to $50,000.  Works with the subrogation supervisors to support the continued education of the subrogation specialists. Monitor results of selected files in order to view the life of the subrogation process for the purpose of development and training.
  • Training – Work with human resources and leadership team to recognize and address training needs.  Provides subject matter expertise in the development of a subrogation training program for all current employees.  Collaborates with human resources and the leadership team in the development of a subrogation on-boarding process for new employees.
  • Quality Assurance – Understands the role that QA plays in the goals of the Company related to customer satisfaction and staff development. Conduct audits of selected claim files, including files referred for collections or attorney referrals to ensure compliance and performance standards. Uses expertise to assess existing practices and identify areas of service improvement opportunity by coaching subrogation specialists and developing processes and programs which will improve the overall quality of subrogation.  Works with specialists to ensure that subrogation functions are performed timely and appropriately.  Reviews and monitors internal publications and communications to ensure accuracy and consistency.  Conducts monthly audits of any subrogation employee who makes bonus in order to complete the bonus structure program.
  • Subrogation Knowledge - Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the subrogation process. Expert  knowledge of all types of subrogation claims and demonstrates the ability to successfully subrogate claims over $50,000.  Maintains awareness of laws that govern insurance claims by keeping current on critical case laws, statutes and trends in the field of subrogation. Maintains certifications and licensures where applicable.
  • Documentation – Complete understanding of the full documentation process. Determine and document state laws relevant to subrogation.  Identify and compile any information useful to provide reference for the subrogation teams.  Compile documentation of performance standards as requested by the Leadership Team.  Reports and analyzes reviews and audits to include the identification of trends and feedback related to team and individual performance.
  • Special Projects – As assigned.  Closed file reviews at client sites may be special projects annually.
  • Customer Service and Communication Skills – Client contact when required, timely verbal feedback and written recommendations to the subrogation and leadership teams.  This position requires the ability to gain the confidence and trust of team members and leadership by demonstrating professionalism and expertise in communications.  This position reports directly to the Director of Operations and must be able to take clear direction and support from the senior client services officer.
  • Team focused and goal oriented – This position requires collaboration with the subrogation specialists, supervisors and leadership to identify and streamline processes and implement process standards. Ability to work within a team environment in a positive and cooperative manner is critical to the success of  this position.  Must be productive,  produce results  and consistently perform at or above given goals. 

Behavioral Competencies:

  • Strong work ethic – Must take ownership of tasks and see them through to completion. Honor commitments and fulfill promises. Be diligent and persistent to overcome difficult situations. Disciplined to focus on goals with a commitment to the outcome. The ability to make value-based decisions.
  • Attention to Detail – Responsible for the accuracy and clarity of all documents.  Must provide professional reports and analysis.

Educational Requirements:

  • BA or Masters preferred

Experience Required:

  • At least eight  years of subrogation experience working subrogation in all lines of business at dollar values in excess of $50,000
  • A valid adjuster’s license is preferred

Basic Requirements:

  • Typing 45+ wpm accurately
  • Computer application knowledge
  • Claims system knowledge helpful
  • Must be able to read, write and clearly speak English language