Branch Insurance

About Branch Insurance

Branch was founded in 2017 behind a simple idea: insurance has lost its way.

If you went back to the 1800s, when home insurance first began to spread throughout the U.S., you’d see that insurance was a truly communal product. Farmers in communities all across the country put money aside to take care of one-another should disaster strike. It was neighbor helping neighbor.

Fast forward to today. That spirit is gone. Moreover, what was intended to be a communal product has become difficult and soulless. We started to ask ourselves:

Why’s it so hard just to bundle your home insurance with your auto insurance?

Why do costs go up for the most loyal customers?

Why do such a big chunk of premium dollars go to fund massive marketing campaigns?

None of that makes sense.

And if we could leverage the dual powers of technology and community, we could fix it.

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