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About Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance

At Lincoln Heritage, our business is you. It always has been. Lincoln Heritage is one of the largest writers of final expense insurance in the nation. As part of The Londen Companies of Phoenix, Arizona, we are licensed to operate in 49 states*. We are successful because we are completely agent-focused and have been since 1963, when we first got started. You won't find any other company our size where both the Chairman and President once earned their living by knocking on doors, making presentations, and selling insurance. The truth is, we're agent-focused to the highest degree imaginable. That's why you get same-day advances upon submission, electronically paid to your account. No Interest on agent debit balances, either. That's why you get a group benefit package for you and your family - health, life and dental insurance. That's why you get a real live person whenever you call us, day or night - someone who's going to be friendly, courteous and actually happy to find out what you need, so they can really take good care of you. Add in other serious agent advantages, such as our Partnership Lead Program, 24-hour underwriting, policies issued in 72 hours and a lot more, and you can see that Lincoln Heritage is truly set up to help you to build a solid, predictable business for yourself... as big as you'd like. You have a well-coordinated, highly motivated team of insurance specialists working with you, your customers and their families, when you have Lincoln Heritage as your partner! You'll have the most complete and competitive portfolio of the products and services that are now in the highest demand in the senior market. You'll have the advantages that the most innovative and agent-friendly compensation system in the final expense market can bring to you. If this appeals to you, please contact us immediately. And put us to work on your success! *Lincoln Heritage does not do business in New York State.


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