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About Free State Staffing

Free State Staffing Services have been providing candidates for temporary and permanent insurance positions for over 16 years.  We are a full service staffing company entirely dedicated to the insurance industry.  Our staff members are highly regarded due to their own personal experience in insurance.  WE KNOW THIS BUSINESS!!   Our professional relationships span many lines of insurance and many levels of management for companies throughout the entire country.  Through our many national contracts and our respected reputation, we are able to recruit for large carriers, TPA’s, independent claim service companies and even self insured employers.  Our greatest success is to see our one time candidates call us to staff the organizations they now run!


Don’t leave your career in the hands of someone who doesn’t have the industry expertise of Free State!  We will use our new, state of the art technology to help you find the perfect position that you are uniquely qualified to handle, at a pay rate you’ll love!  Send us your resume today for any of the positions below or the many others we have in different locations across the country.  Watch us open doors for you that you didn’t even know were there!


8 jobs with Free State Staffing