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Good at sales? Like breaking down complicated insurance and financial matters so anyone can understand them? Then Insurance broker and agency jobs posted on the Network might be perfect for you! There are many different positions under the broker umbrella. You will find jobs in sales, account management, IT, administration, operations, claims and accounting. Insurance brokers typically serve larger businesses while agencies do life, health, auto and homeowners insurance. Networking is a huge asset in this industry, so prove you’re good at it by using the Network to land you the job. 

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Insurance brokers are the sales and marketing arm for insurance companies that engage them to sell their insurance products to their business clients. Brokers sell these insurance products directly to large businesses and receive commissions form the insurance company. Commissions can be lucrative if you’re a real go-getter, but often it’s the only form of payment, so you really have to weigh the benefits for your individual situation. Brokers sell all lines of insurance including workers compensations, property, general liability, professional liability and many more. Most brokers also have an employee benefits division that services medical, life and dental insurance for their corporate clients. Insurance agencies write more personal insurance including home owners, life, health and auto.  Many other types of jobs are available with brokers and agents as well!  Account managers (who service the clients with renewals, endorsements, enrollments, etc.), IT, administration, operations, claims, accounting, training and enrollment.  Agencies are either direct writers (like State Farm and Allstate) or indirect writers that become the marketing arm for many other insurance companies. You can get a breakdown of the insurance brokerages and agencies here: BLS Information for Broker and Agent Jobs and Careers


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