Your Future Resume Starts TODAY and You Don’t Even Know It

Your Future Resume Starts TODAY


I predict in less than five years; the resume will be replaced by a compilation of your online presence organized by some recruiting technology. In other words, algorithms (and “artificial intelligence”) will scan the digital universe and create your online profile using information that you have inputted (social accounts, blogs, etc.), public records and your internet search habits.

Sounds scary but it is already happening by companies like Entelo. Entelo is a recruiting tool that mainly allows recruiters to search the web (not a resume database) with the exact type of skills they are looking to hire. Entelo does the heavy lifting and returns matching profiles NOT created by the potential candidate, but by the information it finds and compiles on the web.

Here is what is returned:

Entelo example


It pulled data from many resources. Entelo’s technology found Jay’s college, skill sets, social platforms, corporation data, and picture. It also uses thousands of data points to identify if this person is likely to leave their job and if they did, would they fit into the company who is recruiting.

Remember, Jay has no idea this company has his “resume.” If this was you, what would it say? When I speak with groups about the “future resume,” many get very concerned that their privacy is being challenged. The fact of the matter is this technology gathers the information that people voluntarily input when they are using sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. It just takes this information a step further by using thousands of data points. For example, it will find everyone whoever worked at “Acme Inc.” and use this data to understand the job duties, company culture, skills needed, the average time in the job and many other attributes the hiring company would find interesting. Crazy... right?

Today, most of this technology is being used by technology companies who are targeting very specific skills like HTML, full stack developers, Java, and cloud, to name a few. However, many companies are developing technology for all sectors, so employers have access to a recruiting tool that didn’t exist just a few years ago.

Your LinkedIn profile is currently your best online resume that most employers are using to find you. In a job search, you should also be adding your resume to top niche sites like The information you input today will be the information Entelo, and future technologies will use to build your next online profile that you have no control over...or do you?

What if you are not a big social media user? If you have no information on the web, will future employers even find you? Will this technology be able to find the right “John Smith”? Will employers even adapt this technology since it may unintentionally discriminate? All these are fair questions with the answers coming in time.

Today, it points to one essential thing. Your resume has to be optimized with keywords of all your skills sets. This has been true since the beginning of the internet. The significant change now is secret robots are watching your every move so they can create your hidden online resume!



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