Why Mobile Recruiting Will Be Huge in 2015

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Another year and another recruiting forecast.  The big recruiting topics for 2015 are pretty much the same ones for the last four years.  Social, employment branding and mobile are all strategies your company must have.  I am sure by now you are getting tons of great candidates via your twitter feed!

The real big deal in 2015 is that we are almost back to full employment.  The insurance industry added more jobs in 2014 than in the previous six years. Let the talent wars begin!  Many of you already know how hard it is to find great people.  With all economic indicators pointing to a huge growth year, you better have a great recruiting plan in place.  This will give you a chance to really test your social, mobile and branding strategies.  After all, isn’t that what it is designed to do?

One thing for sure; mobile recruiting will be a major player in recruiting your next employee.  Your future candidates are searching jobs, reading emails and looking at your career websites via their smart phones.  If your recruiting strategy doesn’t work on a mobile device, you WILL miss out on some prime candidates.

To me, a good mobile strategy starts with a mobile optimized job posting.  Sounds simple but according to the LinkedIn 2015 Global Trends Recruiting Report, only 30 percent of job postings were mobile optimized in 2014 and that was up from 18 percent in 2013.

For companies with applicant tracking systems, having mobile optimized job postings is good but only if you have a mobile optimized applicant tracking system.  Only about 10 percent of employers have even looked into this issue.  Your ATS system for new applicants requires a tremendous pile of information that needs to be entered.  This can’t be done accurately on a smart phone.  Guess what?  That great candidate stops the application process and never comes back.  In the new war for talent, that isn’t good.

Mobile is also an employer’s friend.  If your ATS is mobile friendly, you can source and select candidates via your smart phone when you are away from the office.  Talk about efficiency!

All great candidates have smart phones and use them religiously.  Being able to deliver your career opportunities to key targets via a text, job match email or just a phone call must take place if you want to make sure you get the best talent.  If your mobile recruiting strategy can’t deliver your career message, you will be struggling to keep up with your growth.

GreatInsuranceJobs.com is 100% built for mobile for both job seekers and employers.  We mobile optimize all of our clients’ jobs and send them out through our networks, social, job matches and mobile devices.  Since we have optimized mobile on all of our sites, we have watched our mobile traffic escalate by 22%.   

Mobile is king and 2015 is the time to really make sure you too can capture great candidates on your smart phone!

Check Out the Employer Site for GreatInsuranceJobs.com! You can do a resume search, view candidates, and post jobs all from your smart phone. 

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HR professionals can search through our resume database quickly and easily while on the go.

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You can view a quick snapshot of the candidate's profile and if you are interested, download the resume right from your phone.


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