Why Job Titles Are So Important When Recruiting in the Insurance Industry

When we heard that Prince died last week, most people went right to the internet to get more information.  If you Google “Prince Death” in news, you will find numerous articles about this subject.  The titles of each article is written in a way to get you to click on it.  This is called “click bait” and it is how many media outlets makes their ad revenue.  The more clicks, the more money so they do everything in their power to make the article title attractive.

While a claims adjuster position will never get the same amount of clicks as Prince, a well done job title will yield far more interest than most insurance industry job titles.  Even more important, insurance professionals are accessing jobs via their mobile device 50% of the time and reading headlines.  Mobile users search headlines and only click in to the stories that they are very interested in.  When scanning through the job listings, a well written job title will stand out; especially in the insurance industry.

Why Job Titles Are So ImportantJob titles and postings also become their own mini website.  Job titles that are written well will yield excellent SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and just one more way for an outstanding candidate to find your job posting organically.  Yes, job seekers search for jobs directly in Google using “long tail keywords”.   If your insurance job title is written with this in mind, you will yield some great results.

Just searching through titles on GreatInsuranceJobs.com,   I found job titles like Level 1 Claims Leader, Field Adjuster, Entry Level Adjuster, Auto Appraiser 1 and Claims Consultant.  While they are okay, they can be much more relevant.  Here is how:

Job titles should include a direct skill need.
If it is a senior property claims adjuster that should be in the title.  If it is a general liability claims adjuster with an emphasis in auto, all those keywords need to be in the title.

Job titles should include location.
Add the city or the area to the title.  Auto General Liability Claims Adjuster in Boston MA.  Yes, it is that simple but this is missing on over 50% of the jobs posted.

Include some sizzle.
Sizzle is something that makes the job stand out. It can be anything that separates this job or your company from your competitors.  Things like work from home, flexible hours, 3 weeks’ vacation, small caseload, full benefits, college tuition assistance and things like this. 

I realize many companies can’t just change their job descriptions without an act of Congress.  But the way job seekers search and access jobs today means you might want to consider how to supersize your job titles so they essentially become click bait.  Here are some examples:

  1. Casualty National Accounts Underwriter- New York City – Flex time Available!
  2. Property / Casualty Account Manager – Work for a Top 50 Company in Dallas Texas
  3. Workers Compensation Claims Team Leader- Lead a team of 60 in Atlanta Georgia

Looks pretty good.  One final note.  Never use abbreviations.  Spell out all words.  You will be amazed how much more activity your job postings will receive. 

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