What Is New in Recruiting Products? A Trip Around #SHRM19 Expo Hall Tells the Story!

What Is New in Recruiting Products


If you were not one of the 22,000 attendees at the national SHRM conference in Las Vegas last month, don’t worry, I was and I’m very excited to give you the expo hall rundown on the latest recruiting products. Las Vegas is the perfect place to have a conference of this magnitude because it is easy to travel to and it also has a variety of accommodations and outstanding amenities with a ton of things to do throughout the city. In other words, it was easy to get around, attend sessions, and visit the expo hall. It was here that I realized I may be witnessing the role of the talent acquisition manager coming to an end.

So many new products have been developed that promise to make sourcing, interviewing, testing, and hiring candidates both hands and brain free. Surprisingly, the common theme with most of these recruiting products is that underused word, “artificial intelligence.” AI... there, I said it. You can’t talk about the demise of any recruiting job without AI joining the conversation. After spending an entire day in the expo hall, I did enjoy meeting many of the companies who claimed to have the next best technology; just not sure that I believe most of their declarations. Time will tell.

The good news is you can test some of these recruiting products yourself. Here are some of those products from #SHRM19 that promise to make your life as a recruiter much easier:

  1. Dotin Inc. – “Hire the best fit without asking a single question”. With some simple screening, Dotin leverages AI to enable employers to see a candidate's working style, employment fit, compatibility and cultural fit. The results claim to provide up to a 60% increase in hiring efficiency, an 80% reduction of bias in the hiring process, and increased retention. Sounds pretty good! Get your FREE digital personality profile and judge for yourself (bottom of page).
  1. CareerArc – Social Recruiting. This company uses social media platforms to distribute, brand, and target the talent you need for your open jobs. This product is very clean and does make sense; especially if you don’t have real professionals or recruitment advertising agencies managing your social footprint.
  1. Goodwall – An app driven recruitment tool employers can use to seek out young talent. All you have to do is add in your job openings and Goodwall will produce candidates using their social networking platform to exactly target the kind of applicant you are trying to hire. All you have to do is set the interview!
  1. Social Intelligence – A social media screening tool that screens your future hire's social media accounts searching for less than desirable content that could potentially compromise your company’s compliance, reputation, and safety. To test it out, you can request a sample report from their homepage. I thought this was an excellent product to use in concert with a typical background screen.
  1. HackerEarth – Strictly for hiring programmers, this product allows you to access and automatically evaluate programmers anywhere in the world with customized tests while you video interview them at the same time. Good stuff.
  1. TextRecruit – You may know about this company, but I am including it, because it is a straightforward recruiting communication tool (no AI) that works really well. I would suggest some sort of text recruit software for any recruiting department.
  1. Daxtra – This company uses semantic meta search technology to find candidates in your own database. The cool thing is, it really does a great deep dive automatically on your company's resume database finding potential candidates that your own ATS can’t find.
  1. MyAlly – An AI powered tool that interviews, schedules and manages your candidate pipeline. What I liked about them, is they have fantastic metrics to really analyze the work this “robot” is doing throughout the hire.
  1. Jane.ai – Although this is not a recruiting tool, I was very impressed with this app designed to make the life of a human resource professional easy! It is an AI powered product that learns your company inside and out, so all of your employees can ask it questions about anything (PTO, benefits, finding a document, policies, etc.). Unlike a lot of AI products, this one is built to integrate with ATS’s and payroll companies.
  1. AspiringMinds – This company uses AI and the science of psychometric to automate the recruiting process so you only interview the best fits for your open positions. If you read through their case studies, you will find major companies spending thousands of man hours evaluating talent. Very impressive and with their AI assessment candidate testing, this product in my opinion, is the winner at #SHRM19.

I hope this gives you an overview on some of the products on the market aimed at making your job easier. The human side of recruiting will never go away. However, wouldn’t it be nice to receive 100 resumes for every single one of your openings and feel confident knowing that an AI product narrowed the group down to ten finalists and matched candidates with superior skill to fit your organization's culture and exact needs without any bias. Your human touch can take over from here!



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