What Cities Have the Most Insurance Job Opportunities?


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Whether you’re just breaking in to the insurance industry or are looking to move up in your career, relocating to a city that has more job opportunities may be a wise career move. Some cities serve as the headquarters for major insurance carriers and offer a wide range of corporate jobs — not just insurance sales opportunities — which means you could be looking at a lifelong career in a rewarding field. Here’s a closer look at the cities with the most insurance job opportunities:


Santa Ana, California

Home of First American Financial and other larger insurance companies, living in Santa Ana means you can enjoy the California sunshine and develop yourself as an insurance professional. Working at First American Financial headquarters means you would be joining more than 10,900 employees.


New York City, New York

It’s no surprise that one of the biggest metro areas in the country would have more insurance job opportunities. From Manhattan to Staten Island, you’ll find plenty of insurance sales jobs and insurance career opportunities in the Big Apple. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, New York tops the list for employment of insurance sales agents at 15,440, as of May 2015.


Chicago, Illinois

Chicago falls to the second spot on the Bureau of Labor’s list, employing 10,730 insurance sales agents in the Chicago metro area. You could move to the Windy City to work at some of the top insurance companies in the city, including American Income Life, Assurance Agency, Ltd., Charles Schwab or Ernst & Young LLP.


Dallas, Texas

Employing 9,140 insurance sales agents and home to large insurance companies including State Farm Lloyds, Texas Farmers Insurance Company and Allstate, Dallas is a metro city that offers a wealth of opportunities for insurance professionals. Whether you want to work in underwriting, sales, or operations, you’ll find plenty of larger firms to grow your career.


Houston, Texas

Another city in Texas to keep your eye on for attractive jobs in the insurance sector is Houston. Houston, The Woodlands, and Sugar Land areas employ 7,150 insurance sales agents, as of 2015, with an annual mean wage of $66,350. You’ll also find plenty of non-sales jobs at major insurance firms including Allstate, Farmers Insurance, Houston Texas Life Insurance and Texas Energy Insurance.


Des Moines, Iowa

If you’re looking to work at company headquarters, plan on moving to Des Moines where you’ll find the offices of Blue Cross Blue Shield, Wells Fargo and the headquarters of EMC Insurance Companies. The Des Moines finance and insurance sector boasts a $3 billion annual payroll, according to the Greater Des Moines Partnership and you’ll find many publicly held and private employers across the city.


If you’re exploring new career opportunities in the insurance industry, consider relocating to a city that offers a wide range of options. Whether you want to work in sales, management, marketing or operations, you can search for insurance jobs in these major cities to map out a rewarding career path.



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