The National SHRM Conference Recap: Searching the Expo Hall for Talent Acquisition Solutions

In the recruiting world, human resources and talent acquisition managers are always looking for the best resources to make their job of finding the right candidate easier, faster, and above all, successful.  Attending conferences is a great way to see and demo the newest tools available, and the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) holds one of the largest conferences in the industry ever year.

SHRM 2014 was held in our home town of Orlando last month. joined the fun at our booth in the exhibit hall.  Over the last few years, we have been using our famous countdown clock to give away iPads.  It is always a crowd favorite. Check out our video below to see the fun in action.

SHRM2014 IPad Giveaway 

We enjoyed meeting so many insurance human resource and recruiting professionals and showing them how can help with their talent acquisition plans. 

Each year I also take some time to walk the expo hall seeking out the next great recruiting solution to make finding and hiring the best candidates painless. This year this is what I found:

  1. Where did all the social media recruiting software companies go?  In the last few years the expo hall was filled with companies promising they will replace job boards with technology that uses only social profiles for recruiting and referrals.  Social has not left the recruiting space.  Many of the products that relied 100% on people sharing jobs and referrals via their social networks just haven’t worked effectively; especially with companies that are not well known (which are most companies).
  2. It seems like many companies are developing talent search engines that automatically source social and public information that match jobs you may be recruiting for.  One company that was interesting was PangeaConnect.  Once you find the candidates, you can video interview them automatically without even having to be involved (pre-recorded).  They facilitate the process.  It just seemed pretty cool.
  3. I found AppCast to be an interesting product.  It is a “pay per application” business model.  They take your jobs and if anyone applies, you pay them from $5.00 to $30.00 per application they deliver to you.  You name your price and your budget. 
  4. My favorite discovery was the GratziApp.  This is a fantastic mobile-based employment reward tool.  It allows a manager to send gift cards or “medals” to their employees for things they do well or want to celebrate.  Someone reached a sales goal, send them a Starbucks card to their phone.  No more plastic.  Best of all, this app is free and a great way to recognize your employees!

Check Out the Photos from the Booth at SHRM!

SHRM2014 Booth - GIJ

One of our happy winners of an iPad Mini!

SHRM2014 Booth - GIJ3 

The last few SHRM attendees register to win the iPad mini before the countdown clock hits 0!

SHRM2014 Booth - GIJ4

It's time to announce the winner of one of our iPad mini drawings. did a total of 4 drawings this year at the SHRM 2014 event. 

SHRM2014 Booth - GIJ2

SHRM attendees gathered around the booth eagerly awaiting the announcement of the winner of the iPad mini.


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