The Journey to Recruiting Success with

Written by: Jennifer Rossetter
Published on: Jul 25, 2014

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What can do for you?  PMA Companies, a member of Old Republic Companies, one of the nation’s largest publicly held insurance organization, can help answer that question.  PMA Companies participated in the virtual Claims Career Fair in May and used an external redirect to the company’s applicant tracking system for all the jobs.  There was limited success using this method, so the Account Manager suggested using our internal application system and the company received over 70 applications during a holiday weekend! The company currently has over 50 jobs on our site, so that worked out to be approximately 1-2 applications per job. 

What makes the difference? Every client receives one-on-one customer service from one of our personable and dedicated Account Managers.  Michelle Teadt, Senior Account Manager for PMA Companies explains, “I have worked closely with the Human Resources Manager to determine her recruiting needs and I provide ways to help streamline the process.  We are an extension of your recruiting department.  It really becomes a partnership between and your company to help get you as much exposure as possible.”

How does go beyond the traditional recruiting methods?  PMA Companies has used multiple resources that are inclusive of other national companies, but they have seen a drop off in successful hires from these sources.  By utilizing they are tapping into a more specialized candidate database that wouldn’t otherwise be available through other sources.  We utilized our targeted marketing efforts to promote PMA Companies through multiple channels—social media, email marketing, and prominent placement on the website to gain more exposure for its open positions.  In return, they received more quality responses in a shorter span of time than the company had recently. 

How does help you evaluate your current recruiting strategy? Previously, PMA Companies had been using its internal applicant tracking system (ATS) on its website for all applications.  When the jobs were updated on after the virtual career fair, PMA Companies utilized an organic application method where all applications where forwarded to a specific email they designated.  Applicants would fill out our quick and easy application form, attach their cover letter and resume, and hit apply.  By utilizing this strategy, PMA Companies could definitively determine which recruiting source the candidate came from.  When using an ATS, it’s up to the candidates to select the correct source where they found the job.  More often than not, candidates select the wrong source.  This gives the human resources department an unclear picture of which recruiting sources are truly working best for them. 

Like more information on what can do for your company?  Give us a call at 800-818-4898 today! Our Account Managers are happy to give you a tour of the site and review the best strategies to optimize your recruiting success with!