Should Your Company Tweet your Job Openings?

Twitter is a very interesting social media tool.  Every second, there are 6,000 tweets. That means there is 500 million per day and 200 billion a year!  Wow.  

The big question is with 500 million tweets each day, how will a job seekers ever find your job if your company name isn’t Google, Facebook or Apple?

If your company wants to tweet jobs, you have to understand why you want to even do this.  It is not easy to just “tweet” jobs and hope for the best.  Without a strategy, you should never even start a Twitter campaign.  It will do more harm to your company than good.

Why should you set up a Twitter account and tweet your jobs?  You may never even have thought of some of these reasons:

1. Search Engine Optimization.  
Twitter accounts allow you to create a profile.  Fill this profile with keywords and company name.  It also allows you to put a link in and it is a great idea to put a link that takes them directly yo your career section on your main site.  Travelers Careers does this very good.  Job seekers are using Google and Twitter to find jobs today and Twitter accounts in many cases will rank better than your companies own career site!


Should Your Company Tweet Your Jobs?


2. Branding.  
Your company’s career center twitter account overtime can help you brand your employment and attract followers.  You can tweet pictures of your office, employees and events you are part of in the community.  It is an excellent way to give a future hire a good look at your company from a more “casual” overview.

3. No Cost. 
It is free to tweet.

Many companies abandoned their career Twitter accounts years ago because they just started them too soon and didn’t know what they were doing.  It may be time to revisit this tool so you have the opportunity to really grow your network easier today than ever before.  

Many things have changed but here are a few tips:

1. All your tweets should have hashtags for the job itself and the location.  #claims #job #Atlanta

2. Many applicant tracking systems can automatically tweet your jobs for you or you can have this feed set up for you.  Just make sure you add the correct hashtags to make sure you get the best exposure.

3. Take pictures of your employees working and post to your twitter career account.  Just don’t post job openings.  

4. Build you followers.  If you are recruiting nurses, find as many nurses on Twitter (using Twitter search or Google) and start following them.  You will be amazed how many follow you back.  When you follow someone, that will immediately be notified.

5. Be social.  Keep your tweets real and fun.  Twitter allows you to “wear jeans to work” and potential job seekers will appreciate this human side of you.



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