Posting Jobs in 2016 and Getting Great Results

newsletterIf all companies and recruiters had one wish it would be to make all job seekers and job curious use only one exclusive job board when seeking employment.  It used to be that way in the Sunday Newspaper classifieds before the internet.   If your jobs were not in the Sunday paper, you would not get any candidates except for internal referrals.  On top of that, if you had an opening on Monday, you would not be able to advertise that opening until Sunday.  Not very effective. 

The cost was also very high.  To place an ad with 6 lines, some bold text could run you $700.00!  Talk about a classic monopoly!

Is there a Sunday classified in the job board world today?   A place where you can post your job once and get an out pouring of qualified candidates?  Absolutely not. 

Today, we have over 50,000 job boards, social media sites (LinkedIn), job aggregators (Indeed) and all kinds recruiting technology (Bullhorn) that all want your business.

Where do I post my jobs?  I think this is the easier part of the process.   Identify job boards that have good traffic, great reputation, fantastic marketing and human beings working live to manage your account. In the Insurance industry, has over 100,000 visitors a month, account managers that have phone numbers and a large marketing/advertising campaign that includes social, industry specific conferences, banners, partners (like WCI) and outstanding SEO. 

Use your budget to post to sites that will work with you to maximize your spend while producing candidates.  The best way to find this out is call each job board and ask them, “how much and how do you get traffic to my job postings?”  (For larger companies, make sure they have the ability to work with your applicant tracking system (ATS) as well.)

Once you decide on the job board, MAXIMIZE your investment by following these guidelines:

Here are the top five things to consider when posting a job:

1.  Job titles are important! 

If you are looking for a claims adjuster in Orlando, makes sure the title of the job has as many keywords that describe the job.  For example, use “Homeowners Claims Adjuster for Orlando Florida” as the job title instead of just claims adjuster.  This accomplishes two HUGE objectives.  First, job seekers search by title and a well written title will stand out.  Secondly, job seekers are using “long-tail” search terms (more than 2 words) and if you can match your title to a three or four word search term, you will hit a homerun! 

2.  Does the job board you are using have the ability to connect with potential qualified talent without them having to search the site? allows users to set up “automatic job matches”.  When employers post their jobs, an email is automatically sent to all qualified candidates that have asked for this service. Not only do you get the power of the niche Insurance Industry employment website daily traffic, you also get your job hand delivered to potential candidates. 

3.  Employment Branding. 

You real estate on a job board is really a mini website extension for your company’s career website and you should treat it that way. The job boards that you select should allow you to brand your job postings and “home page” with pictures, videos and your social media accounts.  Job seekers reading your job description can also learn about your company.  Companies that brand properly get more qualified candidates for their open positions. Full Sail University brands their jobs very well.  (Click to see example)

4.   Job descriptions have to talk to potential candidates. 

A good job title will get job seekers to read the job description.  A great job description will get the “fringe” candidate to apply.  This is the candidate that may just be shopping and once they read about how great it is to work at your company, they will apply.  A simple policy-bad job description equals bad candidates!  A well written job description includes a story about what it will be like to work at the company and what the day to day looks like.  It will also have expected compensation, benefits and all the reasons why a candidate should work at the company.  If you brand the job posting with videos and pictures, you can really tell your story and get great candidates to apply.  As most of you already know, include as many major keywords as you can that are relevant to your job and what a job seeker may put into a search engine.

Over 50% of jobs posted today follow only one or two of these items.  Just remember, it is very easy to get desperate job seekers to apply to your job (the one word job description).  Build your job posting strategy to recruit very qualified job curious and give them a compelling reason to consider coming to work for you.  Job postings done well on the right employment websites will be a very powerful extension of your employment brand and company career center.

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