Job Descriptions Are Your New Mini Career Website

Employers all know they can write better job descriptions.  The better the job description and job title reads, the more likely it is that the “passive” candidate just browsing the web may be enticed to read your offering. These are the “career curious”.

Why write better job descriptions?  The answer is search engine optimization (SEO). Google loves new and dynamic content.  Jobs posted to your career site are exactly what search engines like to find and ultimately display to anyone using keywords like “homeowners claims adjuster jobs”. 

Google Search

A properly written job description is a mini website that can give your jobs a power boost in natural search results.  What I find interesting is the harder to fill jobs all have very powerful keywords associated with them.  When using Google, job seekers are using “long tail keywords” that are much closer to exactly what they are looking for in a job.  If your job descriptions have these keywords, you won’t get tons of traffic but the traffic should be a close fit.

Here are some tips to follow when you post jobs to your career site,, or similar employment websites:

  1. Specific Keywords.  Make sure the title and the description have the keywords someone searching Google would use to find your job.  Great keywords include any special designations, location (including city and state), education, types of skills used in the job and detailed job responsibilities.  Think of the job seeker who has the skills you desire.  What long tail keywords will this person use when searching for a job on Google?
  2. Add Pictures and Video.  Yes, take a few shots of the office or environment where the job will report. “Tag” the photos with your company name, job title and city and state.  Image searches are becoming very popular and this will just be another way potential candidates can find your great job.  If you have any video about your company, include that with the job posting.  You may also want to make sure to get your video posted to a YouTube dedicated to the fantastic jobs at your company. 
  3. Social Career Channels.  Your job description makes for great tweets and Facebook posts.  The links to the job all lead back to your own career center.  It is just one more way to extend the “reach” of your jobs.  Just like long tail keywords, those searching twitter for their next job are being very specific.  You will not get much traffic, but it will be extremely targeted.   However, keep in mind it is very hard to measure the results.  The reason we know it works is because of SEO and the few people who search for very specific keywords.

Attending events in the community and taking pictures and video while you're there is a great way to capture what your company is all about to show to future candidates applying to your jobs. just recently got back from the 2014 HR Florida Conference and Expo in Orlando, FL in support of our sister site, Here are a few pictures from the event.

HR Florida 2014 Picture 1

Attendees line up for our iPad Mini and Gift Basket Giveaway.

HR Florida 2014 Picture 2

The Countdown Clock to our next giveaway.

HR Florida 2014 Picture 3

We were very proud to have our own Heather Deyrieux, Director of Strategic Planning & Development for, as the official MC for the event!

HR Florida 2014 Picture 4

The and Team talking recruiting solutions with attendees. 

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