Insurance Industry Hiring Challenges Mean More Job Opportunities for Qualified Candidates

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According to the 2016 Insurance Industry Employment and Hiring Outlook Survey, insurance companies are facing several hiring challenges as they lose some of their workforce and attempt to build new teams of top-performing agents. If you are looking to break into the insurance industry or want to grow in your career, you can put yourself in a position to land your dream job by understanding what these companies are looking for.

Here are few challenges insurance companies are facing today, and what this means for you when you are looking for a job:


Lack of Talent with Technology Experience

As more companies become technology-dependent, they need skilled web developers, coders, graphic designers, and IT professionals to manage computer and web-based projects. If you want to work in the insurance industry and have a strong IT background, you may be able to find a wealth of job opportunities in the tech sector. If you already work in insurance but want to explore other career options, consider going back to school or completing a career training program in technology so that you will qualify for some of these in-demand jobs.

Filling Jobs in Suburban Districts

Companies located in the suburbs or some of the less desirable areas of the country do struggle with filling jobs and many are more than willing to cover relocation costs. If you are willing to relocate, you may be able to find attractive job opportunities outside of major cities and also negotiate a higher than average salary.

Finding Bilingual Candidates

Many insurance customers seek out agents that are bilingual or need help from customers service agents that speak their native language. If you speak more than one language, make sure to highlight this on your resume since insurance companies are looking for bilingual candidates to fill both sales and customers service positions.

Attracting Qualified Sales Professionals

The insurance industry need experienced sales professionals to fill many open positions, from entry-level agent roles to managerial positions. If you have a sales background even in another industry, you may be able to secure an insurance industry sales job. Almost all companies provide comprehensive in-house training programs where you can learn how to sell their products. All you need to do is bring your sales skills and talent to the position.

Low Recruiting Budgets

Budget cuts can make it difficult for companies to find the right people since they do not have talent managers on staff to seek out the best talent in a given area. They may be under-staffed and unable to search for candidates online or offline. If you are searching for insurance jobs and serious about working in this field for the long-term, a proactive approach may help you secure your dream job. Take a few minutes to reach out to companies that may or may not have insurance jobs listed and network with industry professionals so they know who to contact when they are looking to fill certain positions.

Insurance companies are facing several challenges as the industry evolves and the pool of qualified candidates becomes smaller or difficult to reach. If you are looking for insurance jobs, consider how some of these challenges can work in your favor and even help you land that dream job in the insurance field.

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