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According to many surveys, job seekers actually like to talk to humans. Since the beginning of time, the number one recruiting resource has been word of mouth. Many companies attribute over 50% or their hires to this exact source. Humans talking to humans ...who would have thought?

Technology companies are popping up everywhere with the goal of ultimately replacing the human. I wrote about this last month (What Recruiting Tools will you be Using in 2020). But most recruiters are not looking for a new line of work just yet because we still don’t have a ton of data backing the effectiveness of these technologies. To me, artificial intelligence recruiting technology is like the driverless car. You don’t hear about the millions of miles without incident because the news stories are only about the accidents.


So many of your applicants never hear anything from you anyway so why not interview them all!


The big news story for AI recruiting took place at Amazon. It didn’t tell you how many outstanding, qualified and skilled workers were hired (and there were many). It did, however, show a significant issue that AI is only as good as the data it uses. Amazon found out that their experimental AI recruiting tool was biased towards male candidates because it learned from the data it was given, which was 10 years of male candidates. In the HR space, this is the driverless car accident and one that eventually will be solved (if not already).

So why should your company be using chat bots like Mya if AI is causing all kinds of issues? Because your job seekers like human interactions. It is that simple. The job seeker experience that everyone talks about making better has just gotten worse for many reasons. Leading the pack of issues is that employers hardly provide feedback to the job seeker. The next issue is poor job descriptions followed by an absence of compensation information.  Breaking news ... there is none.

Chatbots can be your new human interaction. So many of your applicants never hear anything from you anyway so why not interview them all! If you have not seen a chatbot do its thing, you should get your team together and schedule a demonstration. If your job posting gets 150 applications in one day, a chatbot can reach out to everyone and professionally have a conversation with the applicant while gathering their job specific skills. They can also talk to all 150 applicants simultaneously. Chatbots will professionally ask questions directly related to the job and everyone answering will have the opportunity to be considered. If the applicant passes the chatbot, they are automatically scheduled with a human — really good stuff.

Chatbots are for jobs that typically get tons of applications. Allowing a chatbot to manage that applicant flow frees up time for recruiters to concentrate on the really hard to fill the positions which you guessed it; require a real human!


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