How to Transition into Insurance Sales

If you’re tired of your current job and are on the lookout for more opportunities, consider a job in insurance sales. The insurance industry is evolving and growing at a rapid pace so there is an ongoing demand for highly trained sales representatives, managers, and independent business professionals. Even if you don’t have a strong sales background, you’ll find it relatively easy to learn basic skills and knowledge to pave your way to success in this industry.

Here are some things you can do to transition into the insurance sales business:

Review Job Descriptionsjob

One of the easiest ways to learn about different job and career opportunities in the insurance industry is to read job descriptions of insurance sales representative positions from major companies. You can do a basic search to learn about job duties and employer expectations for this type of career path. Review qualifications so you have a fair idea of what you need to work towards and what skills you need to acquire in order to secure a job in the field.

Consider Specializations

Almost all insurance agents specialize in a particular type of insurance product, such as life insurance, health insurance, or disability insurance. Explore the different types of insurance products and consider what types of clients you want to work with and how motivated you would be to sell a certain type of product. You will need to obtain a license and a specific skill set to sell that type of insurance over the course of your career.

Review State Licensure Requirements


If you’re ready to jump into insurance sales, you’ll need to find out what your state’s requirements are for licensure. Every state is different but most require paying a fee and passing an exam. In most states, you need to first enroll in a course that provides basic training and knowledge about the field. Take a series of practice exams and quizzes to prepare for the final exam and pass the first time.

Search for Entry-Level Positions

Start searching job boards and career pages of major insurance companies and brokerage firms in your area to apply for entry-level positions. This is your chance to break into the insurance industry and use your existing skill set to its fullest potential. Whether you have a legal background, worked as a teacher, or supervised a team of associates, you may already have a dynamic set of skills that would be valuable to an insurance firm.

Start the Application and Interview Process

No matter where you are in your current career, you can make the transition into the insurance sales business with the right approach. If you have some experience working in the business field, you may find it easier to secure a job in insurance sales or related jobs. Developing strong people skills and learning as much as possible about the industry and prospective positions will help you interview for jobs with confidence.

Making a career transition into insurance sales may not be a seamless process but there are but you can make use of business and communication skills acquired at other jobs. Make your transition into the industry a successful one by researching insurance jobs and reviewing state licensure requirements so you are fully prepared for an entry-level position.

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