How to Break Into the Insurance Industry

Written by: Sabah Karimi
Published on: Feb 24, 2016


Working as an insurance agent or broker is usually the first thing that comes to mind when people think of insurance jobs but there are several non-sales roles that can help you break into the insurance industry. When you’re searching for entry-level jobs in the insurance field, you can get your career off the ground with a job in marketing, underwriting, or even find work as a claims investigator. Many insurance firms hire from within so applying for a ‘behind the scenes’ role could be just what you need to secure your dream job in the near future. 

Here are some of the easiest ways to break into the insurance industry:

Customer Service Representative

Working in the customer service department of an insurance firm means you will be handling all preliminary calls and email inquiries from prospective customers. This role will put you in direct contact with customers and insurance agents, giving you an insider’s look at how the sales process works and what types of customers you might work with when you move into an agent role.

Claims Representative

When someone files a claim to obtain benefits from an insurance company, their request must go through the claims representative. In this role, you will review the claims request and ask for supporting documentation if needed. You may be involved with speaking with customers over the phone to verify details about the claim and be granted the authority to deny the claim or forward it to the appropriate department. This is another job that will give you a chance to work directly with customers and learn how the insurance processing system works.

Junior Underwriter

Underwriters review insurance applications closely to determine whether the application should be accepted or rejected. They are responsible for determining the coverage amount and premiums for customers based on certain criteria. Junior underwriters typically support a team of underwriters or work closely with a senior underwriter of an insurance company. If you are good with numbers and have strong attention to detail, this could be the ideal entry-level position for you.

Risk Analyst

Insurance analysts are responsible for assessing an applicant’s level of risk based on information they have provided in their application or claims forms, and any criteria the insurance company uses to assess potential and current policyholders. You will review materials for signs of fraud and may support a senior risk analyst during investigations. At the entry-level, you can expect to be involved with managing confidential paperwork such as claims reports and customer applications, learning about the claims review process, and participating in investigations under the supervision of a manager.

Marketing Assistant

Insurance firms and independent agents need to market themselves to the public and businesses in order to sell insurance products. You can enter the field as a marketing assistance to support marketing and sales managers with their online and offline marketing efforts. The job might involve sending email newsletters, creating online ad campaigns to promote insurance products and services, creating content for the company website, and preparing ads for magazines and newspapers.

There are several ways to break into the insurance industry and many career paths don’t involve sales. Consider any of these entry-level jobs to kick off an exciting and rewarding career in the insurance field.