Great Ways To Use Facebook for Employer Branding

Great Ways To Use Facebook for Employer Branding

Thankfully, most of the US population are visual people. Ironically, Facebook is built on "visual posts." When scrolling your wall, you don't stop on words (like news sites), but pictures and videos. If you want to get a lot of likes, post pictures of your pets... you get the idea.

If you are not using Facebook to help build your employment brand, you are missing out on attracting potential hires to your organization. Employers use Facebook to put themselves out there to the masses (or targeted) audiences to find that elusive "passive" candidate that everyone desires. You know, the one that works at your competitor is happy in their job and just on Facebook to see the pictures from last weekend's pool party. What if you can get your employer brand to show up on this users' wall? Will your visual message get this passive candidate to pause on your post? Even passive candidates may be secretly active, especially if they have some issues (passed over for promotion, horrible boss, etc.) at their current company. Employers who understand that these types of candidates exist but need a great reason even to consider a job change (since they will never use a job board until they are desperate) gain a considerable edge over their competitors.

Since Facebook is open 24/7 all year long, getting your brand in front of passive candidates could pay huge dividends, especially since it will not suck dry your recruiting budget.  

Companies with excellent employee branding have already figured out their message (many using ad agencies like Shaker). Every company is different. If you are an insurance company, what is it about your company that could be used to attract top talent. If you are looking for truck drivers, what visuals would you use to get CDL drivers to apply? 


For those without ad agencies, I think you need to make this a simple as possible.  

A good, simple campaign usually involves using elements like showcasing current employees, workspace look, cool things you make or do, community involvement, and unique employee benefits. 

Our company, perk, is an annual cruise, and we get some great exposure to our group shot.

Here are some examples of Facebook employment branding.




AXA used their community involvement around the globe to showcase how their employees get involved. 


- 42 Shares of this post.  This is what you hope for when you are posting about your employment brand.  If each of those shared posts has 100 friends each, that is an extra audience of 4,200 people.

- 1.4k likes.  Speaks for itself but the more likes, loves and expressions your post gets, the more it gets put on all walls.

- Colorful, vibrant pictures showing teams and employee activities.  The vibrant colors in the photos are spectacular and will easily draw the human eye to look.




HubSpot has its own employee and career page called HubSpot Life.   This employment brand showcases the cool workspace meant to attract the GenX and millennials.  The pictures tell the story.  The goal of this visual is to have all visitors imagine themselves sipping a latte while working.  Pretty cool.




Geico uses it’s own Facebook career page to spread the word about how great it is to work there.  This is a great example of a very simple post, not advertising jobs but talking about philanthropy with their organization.




This picture shows an employee with her two children at Christmas at their headquarters.  Great picture but it shows Kohls as a family friendly organization.  Also, notice the hash tag (#lifeAtKohls).  It is a great idea to have a hash tag for your brand.   If you include it in your job posting, it allows jobseekers to search all social media very quickly.




Hilton uses this post to talk about perks and benefits with a real employee.  This is very powerful and a real awesome benefit to anyone considering working for Hilton. Very powerful.



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