Great Tool for Finding Insurance Industry Candidates

It’s amazing all the tools that are being created to find great talent.  The one thing that has not changed is how hard it is to fill that “hard to fill” position.  Insurance positions like actuaries, production underwriters, and insurance brokers with books of business, account managers and loss control professionals.

To find these types of insurance professionals takes many resources, a talent acquisition plan and a commitment to build the “candidate pipeline” every day.

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If you are a client of, a feature that does not get a lot of action is the resume search agent. (Watch 15 second Video Here)  This is also known as candidates by email and is extremely powerful tool.

The candidate by email is easy to use.  For example, you can set up a resume search agent for a “casualty actuary” in Chicago Illinois (or if you are able to relocate someone, you can really open up your location parameter).  You can also add any keyword, salary range or education level your job requirements would need. Any casualty actuary who meets your requirements and join, you will automatically be notified.  We have a lot of employers using the site and believe it or not, very few take advantage of this great feature.

Taking advantage of candidates by email (resume search agent) is very easy:

  1. What type of position are you having a hard time filling or always hiring for?  Insurance sales professionals for example.
  2. Set up a detailed resume search agent.  Make sure the keywords are exactly what you need in the position.  The more specific, the better chance that any resume you receive automatically will be a great fit for your job.  A general resume search agent will generate too many resumes.
  3. You don’t have to have a current opening to have active resume search agents.  This is great because if you do get a fantastic candidate for a typically hard to fill position but don’t have a current opening, the job seeker does not require any feedback because they are unaware that you have added them to your pipeline.  (However, this is also a great opportunity to start building a relationship for a future opening that you know you will have down the road.)

Who doesn’t want hard to find candidates delivered to their email?  With over 100,000 visitors a month to, this feature gives you an out of sight, out of mind way of finding that needle in a haystack!

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