From Internet Infancy to Industry Leader: Turns 15

It seems like just yesterday that we started  To put it into perspective, we started the same year as Wikipedia and also the introduction of the iPod (remember that?!).

“We started out in the infancy of the internet, when our biggest competition was the Sunday newspaper classifieds,” states Scott Kotroba, co-founder and President of “Much has changed, but our core values mean we continually invest in world class technology to enhance the job search process.”

GIJ 15th Anniversary Cake

Co-founders, Roger Lear and Scott Kotroba

We “live streamed” our celebration this week (see video here) and it will give you a quick tour of the offices, our great staff and the official 15 anniversary cake cutting cake cutting ceremony!

Since 2001, the platform facilitated more than three million job applications. The company credits live customer service and attendance at numerous industry events and conferences (RIMS, ACE, Workers Compensation, SHRM, etc.) as a competitive advantage. “While we’re a tech company, our longevity stems from the human connections we nurture. We listen carefully to the challenges of our clients and job seekers,” explains Roger Lear, co-founder of

We just can’t thank our clients enough for working with us over the years.  Your jobs, advice, suggestions and numerous meetings over the years help us formulate how we invest in GIJ to make sure we can deliver hires to your organization.

Looking forward to the next 15 years.  If you are interested in our timeline and where we are going, visit

Attracting insurance talent virtual reality 

Is the future for attracting insurance talent virtual reality?  If it is, GIJ will be the leader!



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