Four Cool Recruiting Tools That Can Help You Find Great Candidates

Four Cool Recruiting Tools


This month, I thought I would share four recruiting tools that you should check out. In the talent acquisition space, millions of dollars are being poured into recruiting products. Tools that will theoretically find people you normally wouldn't find and assess them for your job opening before you even call them. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are real and who knows how they play into some of these products… if at all. Likening talent acquisition to how sausage is made, you want to see a great, qualified candidate and couldn't care less about how the product shows up at the front door.

If anything, these are fun to experiment with if you have some spare time!


  1. Hiretual ( This tool searches over 700 million profiles across the web and delivers matching profiles to a very well-done backend. Not only does it find candidates, but it can also provide availability, market value, and expertise. This is all based on over 100 factors. On top of that, it gets contact information like emails, phone, and social handles so you can determine how to connect. Very powerful.



The free version allows you 10 contact finders a month. It comes as a chrome extension and when on a profile (this is mine from LinkedIn), you get information as seen in this graphic. I really like the “availability” predictor!


  1. Get Prospect. ( I use this tool regularly. It has a straightforward mission; find the best email address from any profile. I use this to connect to candidates I see on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. It is a chrome extension, and you can use a limited version of it for free. Very user-friendly and works very well with LinkedIn.

Get Prospect


  1. Uncommon ( Uncommon claims to deliver only qualified candidates that meet your custom qualifications on employers active and passive channels. All you do is upload your jobs to their system and they are connected to job boards, search engines, and social platforms which go out and bring back the best of the best.

With the free version, you can access up to 100 passive candidates a week and connect with them through this application. Give it a try, and you will be impressed.


  1. Recruit’Em ( "I love creating Boolean search strings" said no one ever. Recruit’em uses Google to search LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub and many more create Boolean search strings automatically for each search. It uses the power of Google to find potential candidates. Try it out. It is free and effortless to use!




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