Employers, Use This Simple Tool to Find Great Candidates

November 2014 Client Enewsletter 2

You would think with so many ways to recruit talent these days, you would have no problems hiring great people.  The one thing that has not changed is how hard it is to fill that “hard to fill” position.  In the insurance industry finding strong account managers, risk modelers, actuaries, insurance producers and professional liability underwriters can be extremely challenging.

For many employers, you have to use multiple resources to find these candidates.  And even when you get some good leads, you spend a lot of time trying to convince them to join your team.  It is a work-intensive process and no matter what magical recruiting platform shows up next, the work that is required to hire great people will never change.

In doing a recent site upgrade to GreatInsuranceJobs.com, I noticed one very powerful tool that many recruiters are not even using.  It is the resume search agent or resume-by-email feature. The employer section is now 100% mobile (watch our video here).

The resume search agent is easy to use.  For example, you can set up a resume search agent for a health actuary in Detroit, Michigan with any keyword, salary-range or education-level that will fulfill your job requirements. When any actuary meeting your requirements joins GreatInsuranceJobs.com, you will get that candidate’s profile in your email.

Sounds easy because it is.  To really take advantage of this feature, I would:

  1. Identify the hardest to fill positons in your company.
  2. Set up a resume search agent for each position with very specific, need-to-have requirements.
  3. Keep the search agents active even if you DO NOT have any opening.

The resume search agents allow you to collect a very specific group of “active” candidates for your talent pipeline.  If you set up very specific search agents, you will only get what you are actually looking for and best of all, the candidates will typically be ready to make a job change.  Don’t expect to get overwhelmed by resumes for hard-to-find candidates.

Using the resume search agent feature is easy and will help you get candidates delivered to you directly as soon as they join the site.  Best of all, your resume agents will make sure you don’t miss out on great active talent.

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