Clickbait Job Titles Rock!

Clickbait Job Titles Rock


Clickbait is alive and well. You know, those sassy headlines that get you to click a link and before you know it, you’ve wasted thirty minutes of your life looking at pictures of “Where are the Brady Bunch Kids today?”

The job title you select when posting jobs may be more critical than the actual job itself. The infamous “passive candidate” is the person who you should be writing the job titles and descriptions for, to get them to click. Active candidates will click on generic links. If you can make your job title compelling, you will get the best of both worlds.

“The job title you select when posting jobs may be more important the actual job itself.”

You have to think of each job positing as its own career website. Job postings have their own URL’s and keywords and on sites like, lots of employer branding (videos, social media, graphics, pictures, etc.). Job titles are a huge part of the mini website because this is what is going to attract visitors (clicks) as well as yield excellent SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

To craft a great job title, write it with the perfect candidate in mind. Easier said than done. So here are some tips that will build your ideal job title:

  1. Include the top skills in your job title. If you are looking for an account manager for your insurance agency, make sure you use the words employee benefits alongside the title of the positions. There are hundreds of account manager jobs, make your stand out. Employee Benefits Account Manager.
  1. Job titles should include location. Add the city or the area to the title. Yes, add the location. Remember, people are searching for a great job close to where they live or where they want to move. If they Google these specific keywords, you want your job to stand out. Employee Benefits Position - Lake Mary Florida
  1. Spice up your job posting. How many of you clicked on the Brady Bunch link at the top of the article? If you did, it was because something made you curious. A passive candidate scanning job postings need a “curious” job title to grab their attention. Add some spice to your job posting that speaks to your candidate directly. It could be a benefit, promotion opportunity, work from home, Fridays off, or numerous other exciting things your company may offer. Here is your job title: Employee Benefits Account Manager - 100% Full Benefits in Lake Mary, Florida

This is what I want you to do to help you with your job titles. Rewrite them with these three simple ideas. Post these jobs on all your recruiting resources. After thirty days, compare the number of views on these jobs compared to a thirty-day period of the old job titles the last time you posted. You will be shocked at the increase in numbers. Clickbait job titles are great. However, if your job description is poorly written and not exciting, your passive candidate will never apply.



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