2017 Insurance Industry Employment Survey Released - Insurance Job Seekers Must Read!

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We are very excited to release the 2017 Insurance Industry Employment Survey

Its main purpose is to get a real, inside look on what is going on with jobs and hiring in the national insurance industry.  To do this we talk (via phone) to human resource managers, talent acquisition managers and hiring managers. 

By talking directly to this group, we get invaluable information so we understand what is really going on with hiring.  This year, we spoke with 73 companies representing over 360,000 insurance employees (13% of the industry) and found out some interesting stuff that will directly help you in your job search.

Insurance employers are well aware that 25% of their employees are going to retire soon. They also realize the need to build a talent pipeline not just of underwriters, claims and sales but technology minded candidates to fill the new “sexy” jobs in the insurance industry that all touch Big Data!

Some highlights:

  • On page 8, we have assembled the top 10 hiring challenges employers shared with us.  When employers post jobs, they really want to fill them.  The number one issue is there is a disconnect between the job seeker and the employer because employers think 80% of the resumes are not qualified and job seekers get frustrated because they never hear back after applying.  One thing for sure, many job seekers do not have resumes that really make it easy for employers (human and robots) to know quickly you can do the job.  If they can’t tell in seconds, you go into the “black hole”.
  • On page 9, insurance companies tell you how they use social media to recruit insurance talent.  You may find it surprising to learn their definition of social media recruiting.
  • On page 10, we asked employers how they are preparing for the mass exodus of retiring insurance workers and what the industry should do fill up the pipeline.  We feel this list of ideas is outstanding and look forward to see how the insurance industry will solve this crisis.
  • Page 12 talks about how insurance jobs are becoming “cool” as the industry's real growth is in technology.  We talk about Insuretech with employers and all the new jobs this is creating for the industry.  Hiring technology-minded people is also a great challenge for many of the surveyed companies.  If you are looking for a great job, the insurance industry will be able to attract a whole need breed of candidate.

Insurance hiring is at an all-time record with of 2.6 million workers.  Robots and technology will start replacing some current positions but open the door to many skilled technology people.  It is an exciting time but internal recruiting departments are holding their breathes.  For many of the new types of insurance jobs, they will have to recruiting outside their competitors and convince talent from the Facebooks of the world that insurance jobs rock.


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