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Often touted as one of the best jobs in today’s economy, actuaries are in high demand. That means you! What you’ll see here on the Network are actuary jobs posted by all types of insurance companies, consulting firms and specialized actuary recruiters. The actuary sector is dedicated to all types and levels of actuaries with property and casualty, life and health and pension specialties.  You can find actuary jobs at all levels including entry level, FSA’s, ASA’s, FCAS and those who have just a few exams complete. 

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Did you know the United States employs over 21,000 actuaries?  Most actuaries have jobs with insurance companies.  The rest spend their careers at consulting firms, insurance brokers and insurance and employee benefit funds. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average salary for an actuary is $106,680. Wahoo! WTG, actuaries!

Today’s actuaries use mathematics, technology, statistics and financial data to model and evaluate all types of situations that will help insurance companies understand risk so they can set accurate pricing.  A great example of actuarial modeling is life insurance.  If someone is a smoker and 35 years old in good health, they will pay much higher premiums than a 35 year-old nonsmoker.  The actuary’s job is to use historic data on deaths in smokers vs. non-smokers so they can set pricing for each category.  A skilled actuary is a huge asset to an insurance company in helping them achieve profitability in all lines of business. Visit the BLS site for detailed actuary information: Additional Actuary Career Information 


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