Staff Software Engineer

North Richland Hills, Texas
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Oct 01, 2016
Nov 30, 2016
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The development team at eMortgage Logic, an Assurant Company, uses Agile development methodologies to bring the highest quality products to our end-users. We're an open-source development shop using the latest in Javascript (ExtJS and AngularJS), Modern Perl, Postgres, and other technologies to deliver high-impact/high-traffic enterprise solutions. We want your experiences and talent to influence our design, implementation, user experiences, and our team!

We have a wide variety of projects to keep work interesting and fun, ranging from legacy apps (constantly being tested and refactored) to self-contained services released using continuous delivery and automated testing. Having an appreciation for the evolution of Javascript frameworks, object-oriented software development, and their related communities will be your greatest asset in modernizing and growing our services-oriented architecture together with us.

Responsibilities will include working with the UI/UX development team to produce mockups, translate these to actual code running the user experience as well as assisting with the development of our API and corresponding endpoints and payloads for our front-ends.

Basic Qualifications

● 1 year of experience with ExtJS (ver. 4+), AngularJS, Ember, Backbone, or similar Javascript framework(s)

● 1 year of experience with Perl, PHP, Python or similar programming language

● 1 year of experience with Web Development using:

○ Apache and/or NGINX

○ Linux

○ Postgres, MySQL, Sybase, or similar databases

● 1 year of experience with Git or similar version control

Other Requirements

● Bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year university plus 1 or more years of work experience

● Strong technical skills, positive attitude and flexibility with displayed enthusiasm for self-initiated professional growth.

● Ability to quickly learn and understand existing Perl and JavaScript platforms and participate in development on new implementations.

Preferred Skills

● Bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year university

● Real-world experience with Perl (Modern Perl, Moops, Dancer2, and/or Catalyst)

● Real-world experience with ExtJS (version 4 or higher)

● Real-world experience with Selenium, Siesta, Protractor, Jasmine, other testing frameworks